Saturday, March 19, 2016

Eggs-actly! #socs

Anyone remember Vincent Price as Egghead on the Batman TV show?

Vincent Price as Egghead (Source: Wikipedia)

A lot of people thought it was strange for so many high-quality actors to have been featured as villains on Batman. Price, Victor Buono, Rudy Vallee, Glynis Johns, Cesar Romero, Roddy McDowall, and others were all successful big-screen actors, and yet they allowed themselves to be dressed in weird costumes and fight Batman and Robin, who in real life were Bruce Wayne (Adam West) and Dick Grayson (Burt Ward), who lived at Stately Wayne Manor with their butler, Alfred (played by Alan Napier, himself a successful film actor) and Aunt Harriet Cooper (Madge Blake), who was added to the cast because the idea of two single men living in luxurious surroundings and attended to by a butler was just a little too weird for 1960’s sensibilities. The truth was, Batman was such a successful show, everyone wanted to be on it. Actors’ agents would call the producers and begged them to create a character for their clients. It was the Murder, She Wrote of the 1960’s.

I’m always impressed by how hard people would work to make a living in show business. Of course, there were the stars, but behind them the actors who didn’t get the big bucks and made their living by keeping moving. They were always working, whether they had a steady gig or not. They’d appear on game shows, do dinner theater, act in commercials, teach acting, be acting coaches for others, always be auditioning, some would even write scripts and do some directing. They were always doing something. They didn’t make a whole lot of money doing any one thing, but with all the jobs they had, they’d make a pretty good living, one that didn’t involve getting dirty. Maybe it was the reason they worked so hard as actors: it was better than selling perfume at Macy’s or changing oil at Jiffy Lube. No doubt there are many would-be actors doing just that.

Anyway, I was trying to get back to the theme of “eggs” again, but couldn’t find a video of Martin Mull singing “Eggs.” So I’ll stop there.


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