Thursday, February 11, 2016

This Month’s Top Ten YouTube Channels


As hard as it’s been to get into Mama Kat’s prompts the last couple of weeks, this one’s easy:

List the top 10 YouTube channels you’re loving most this month.


So, we also have a Thursday Ten!



Notice that a big percentage of what I watch on YouTube fits into the category of “nostalgia.” I enjoy watching old documentaries, travel films, educational films, and especially old commercials from TV. I also really enjoy fingerstyle guitar, and have a couple of channels of some of the better players.

Jeff Quitney’s channel: Jeff’s channel is an eclectic combination of old commercials, training films, and documentaries. Here’s a commercial for Sanka brand coffee, circa 1965.

Classic Airliners and Vintage Pop Culture: This channel has a lot of videos of planes taking off and landing, and also has some documentary footage and vintage airline commercials from around the world. This is a 1970 Aeroflot promo spot.

Tommy Emmanuel: The amazing guitarist Tommy Emmanuel keeps his channel filled with new videos of him playing and offering his sage advice to other guitar players. Here he is playing Doc Watson’s “Deep River Blues.”

David Von Pein’s JFK Channel: David has an incredible channel of radio and TV clips, mostly dealing with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Here’s one of his more recent videos, a (relatively) short recording of JFK and his brother Robert presenting medals to three young Americans on June 8, 1962.

Jamie DuPuis: Jamie is a fantastic fingerstyle guitar player and singer with whom I’ve just recently become familiar. He also plays the harp guitar, as seen in this video of him playing Coldplay’s “Amazing Day.”

The Best Film Archives: A lot of documentary videos, mostly about military and war-related subjects. Here is a “Private Snafu” cartoon, created by the crazies at Warner Brothers, with the voice of Private Snafu (and several other characters) provided by Mel Blanc, about the importance of keeping your gas mask available.

Val73TV4: More documentary videos, mostly from before 1960, about a wide array of subjects. A lot of educational films, including this one, “Dating Do’s and Don’ts,” from the 1940’s.

Tolly’s Old Films: This looks like a new channel. Documentaries, educational films, and movie trailers. Here’s a health film from 1947, “Joan Avoids A Cold.”

TV Toy Memories: Vintage TV commercials from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Here’s Bullwinkle for Cheerios.

Captain Bijou: This is actually on Dailymotion; apparently the YouTube folks got tired of having to deal with all the copyright infraction complaints. Most of what he has on his channel has been well out of print for some time, but… anyway, more old TV and commercials here, as well as some short films like this Superman short George Reeves did for Stamp Day 1954.

I hope you enjoy these channels as much as I do!

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  1. I enjoyed the read. Checked out some of the youtube channels mentioned. I really liked the JFK one and the Dos and don'ts. Too cute. Much love. :)

    1. David has really gathered a lot of JFK memories, that's for sure. I was young when he was president (I was seven when he was assassinated), so I have vague memories of the day. The networks were 24/7 about Kennedy, and I remember seeing it, but don't remember it that well. Oswald's murder is very clear, because we were watching when it happened.

  2. I don't spend a lot of time on you tube but some of your channels look very interesting. thanks for stopping by my writers workshop post.

    1. I'm glad I could introduce you to some of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by!

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