Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Like To Eat #socs

Many years ago — I’m talking back when I was in single digits — my friend Willy and I had a band. It was just the two of us. He had a ukulele, I had a 3/4 size guitar, and we would get together and play them. By “play,” I mean we’d be really noisy, because neither of us could actually play them. He sort of strummed the uke, I’d slap the strings over the soundhole in the guitar, and we’d write songs. One was called “I like to eat”…

I like to eat,
I like to eat meat,
And another good dish
Is fruit and fish.
I like to eat…

This would go on for I forget how many verses. We’d talk about liking hamburgers and hot dogs, Eskimo pies, Popsicles, whatever we could think of.

We had a whole bunch of songs, and we’d record our practice sessions. After listening to the playback one day, he made the observation, “Maybe we should learn to play chords and stuff.” Then we decided, nah, we were having too much fun.

But I do like to eat. A lot, which is why I resemble a weather balloon with legs.

Weather balloon (a transosonde) getting ready to be released. (Public Domain, source: Wikipedia/US Navy)

I was into weather around the same time I was in the band with Willy. My aunt Jill asked me what I wanted for my birthday one year, and I told her “a weather balloon.” She aactually started asking around where she could get one. I didn’t get it, primarily because they’re really expensive, but it was cool she asked.

When you travel a lot, food isn’t just sustenance, it’s something to do. I was on a modified Atkins diet once, and I found myself thinking about food all the time, especially when I was on the road. I finally decided it wasn’t worth driving myself crazy.



This short entry was done for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, hosted by Linda Hill.

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  1. I bet if you still had the recordings you would nearly die from laughing at your younger musical self!

    1. Or from embarrassment, take your pick...