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In 1959, The Dave Brubeck Quartet recorded Time Out, an album that’s become a classic. It was significant in that all of the songs were recorded in odd meters, i.e. not in 4/4 (common), 3/4 (waltz), or 2/2 (cut) time, which account for about 90% of the songs in popular music. The best-known song off the album is “Take Five,” and it’s also one of the first jazz tunes that got under my skin. WGN-TV in Chicago used it as the theme for its late movie; I had a habit of being up late enough to watch it. If you’ve never heard it, where have you been? Seriously, here’s the Brubeck Quartet’s version of it. As always, this isn’t in the running; I’m just putting it here so you can hear the original.

This song has been covered a number of times. Two of the versions are below, and you get to pick which one is your favorite.

CONTESTANT #1: Tito Puente

CONTESTANT #2: Al Jarreau

I never knew this song had lyrics, but then, Al doesn’t need lyrics.

Now, it’s time to vote…

Which version of “Take Five” did you like better? Tito Puente’s version with all the appropriate Latin percussion, of which he is a master? Or Al Jarreau’s vocal/scat version, of which he’s a master? Let me know in the comments which was your favorite, and maybe the reason you liked it. Then, when you’ve finished with that, how’s about checking out the other Battles going on today?

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I’ll announce the winner of today’s battle this Saturday, February 6, so be sure and have your vote in no later than Friday at midnight. Best of luck to Tito and Al!

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