Monday, February 15, 2016

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Come Together” #botb



“Come Together” was inspired by Timothy Leary’s failed campaign for Governor of California against Ronald Reagan. John Lennon wrote it as a campaign song, and some say he put a reference to each of the Beatles in the song. It’s also suggested that it has a “single, pariah-like protagonist” and that Lennon was simply creating “another sardonic self-portrait.” The Beatles released it in October 1969 as a two-sided single with George Harrison’s “Something.” I’ve heard that the release was the only time the band ever released a record because they needed the money. It was on the charts in the US for eighteen weeks and reached #1. It was released in the UK several weeks after the US release, and only reached #4, probably because the BBC refused to play it because of the line “He shoot Coca-Cola,” which they felt was product placement. It was their eigtheenth #1 song, breaking Elvis Presley’s record of seventeen #1’s.

If you’ve never heard the song (where have you been?), here it is, for comparison purposes. This recording introduces part of “Dear Prudence” over the last thirty seconds or so; try and ignore it.

This article was valuable in my choosing the contestants for today. Of course, YouTube blocked many of the versions due to copyright and other restrictions, but they failed to block the #1 and #15 versions, and they’ll be our two contestants today.

CONTESTANT #1: The Eurythmics

The Eurythmics covered the song on their 1987 album Savage.

CONTESTANT #2: Soundgarden

Soundgarden gave it a grunge-metal sound for their 1990 single Hands All Over.

Now, it’s time to vote…

So did UpVenue get it right by making the Eurythmics #15 and Soundgarden #1, or would you have swapped them around? Vote, please, down in the comments, and give me some idea why you preferred one over the other. Voting ends at 12:01 AM next Monday, February 22, and the winners will be announced later that day.

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Good luck to both The Eurythmics and Soundgarden!

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