Saturday, January 23, 2016

STREAM OF CONSCIOUS SATURDAY: Even Odds (plus Snowmageddon update) (#JusJoJan)

First, an update on the weather here: Yes, we got snow.



The mayor of Atlanta was on TV this morning complaining that they had to get all the snow removal equipment out and pay all the overtime for what turned out to be a dusting of snow. I think it’s better that we prepared for a blizzard and ended up with a dusting than the other way around. Don’t want a repeat of two years ago. The one problem for me is that the snow stuck to the front stairs, making it dangerous for me to walk down them (and that’s really the only way I have to get out to the car), and it could be a couple of days before they’re passable, because even though it’s sunny and starting to warm up, the stairs are in the shadows. But it should clear out pretty well by Tuesday at the latest. Monday’s high is forecast at 60° (that’s 16° for you centigrade fans). Life in the South…

I found a game while perusing Wikipedia called odds and evens. It’s a simple game where one person calls “odds” and the other calls “evens,” then on the count of three both people thrust a fist with one or two fingers extended into the space between them. If the total number is two (both show one finger) or four (both show two fingers), “evens” wins; if one shows one finger and the other shows two, the total is three and “odds” wins.

A more complicated version is rock-paper-scissors, where on a three count each player shows either a fist (rock), a flat hand (paper), or a fist with two extended fingers in a V (scissors). If both players show the same sign, the game’s a draw; otherwise, “rock breaks scissors, scissors cut paper, paper wraps rock.”

Winner Loser
Rock Scissors
Scissors Paper
Paper Rock

It gets a little more complicated when you have several people, but it can be done. Of course, when two people know each other well, or there are several people who are playing, a better choice might be rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock, as Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) explained on The Big Bang Theory.

Silly? Yes, on the face of it. But there’s a whole branch of mathematics called game theory that relies on silly games like this to come up with theories in economics, political science, business administration, computer science, other branches of mathematics (i.e. statistics), psychology, and other sciences, both physical and social. I learned a little about it in college — sorry, university — and who knows, maybe I’ll learn more about it in the near future.

Or maybe chaos theory… nah, my life is chaotic enough…



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  1. Living in a place that always gets snow, I agree, better to over prepare.