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Monday’s Music Moves Me: 1980’s Favorites



Today, the theme is “Everyone’s Favorite 1980’s Rock Bands!” I originally misread this and ended up with a post, or at least an idea, of my favorite band from the ’80’s, then realized it was ROCK bands. So, I started with INXS and let YouTube suggest the others, and before I knew it, I had ten songs and figured I’d better quit, or you’d be after me with pitchforks.

All right, not everything I’m featuring here is “rock,” but I really liked the popular music of 1980’s, maybe more in retrospect than at the time. It might have been the last decade where I could say that. Most of what’s on “pop” radio these days is unlistenable trash. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older. (Rotten kids… get off my lawn, dammit!) This list represents music from the 1980’s that I enjoyed. Many times, I liked the song because of the music, not because the words were all that meaningful and relevant. A lot of times, I don’t bother listening to the lyrics; I just enjoy the groove behind the singer.

Anyway, the tunes….

  1. Never Tear Us Apart – INXS: I featured them on Two for Tuesday in August 2014. Check that post out for more details.
  2. Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds: I love the way this one starts: POW! POW! Hey, hey, hey, hey… then it gets real quiet and intense, and you sit there waiting for it to explode…
  3. West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys: One of those songs where I just like the music. Kind of ominous sounding to start, then a strong synth-beat underneath.
  4. Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears for Fears: I think I like this one because I won a contest by being the fifth caller when the song played. I forget what I won, but it’s not important.
  5. Hold Me Now – Thompson Twins: I think I just liked Alannah Currie’s hair, or lack thereof. But the song is catchy.
  6. Steppin’ Out – Joe Jackson: This starts out with a fantastic groove, and this one I actually like the lyrics.
  7. Breakout – Swing Out Sister: The subject one one of my early Two for Tuesdays. I think I had a crush on Corinne Drewery, the band’s singer. She still has a tremendous voice.
  8. Something About You – Level 42: Level 42 is all about the bass, in this case as played by lead singer Mark King. They were also the subject of a Two for Tuesday in July 2014, the first month I blogged every day.
  9. Smoking Gun – Robert Cray: Technically a blues artist and one of my favorite guitar players of all time, he had a big crossover hit with this in 1987. I’ve seen him a couple of times in concert, and he breaks more high E strings than I used to.
  10. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley: Couldn’t get through this list without Rick-rolling you. Another artist I’ve featured on Two for Tuesday, Rick has a fantastic voice, and this video is what the 1980’s were all about: great voice, heavy dance beat, catchy lyrics, and attractive dancers. And he looks like David Caruso.

That’s it for this edition of Monday’s Music Moves Me. Hope you liked it.

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