Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last Week That Was for January!

Here’s Miss Frances from Ding Dong School for Wheaties…

Miss Frances was Dr. Frances Horwich, who had her PhD from Northwestern. Ding Dong School was produced by WNBQ (now WMAQ) in Chicago and ended before I was born…



I’m taking a different approach to TWTW, because it’s taking hours to write it every week. Let me know what you think.

  • MONDAY’S MUSIC MOVES ME: 1980’S FAVORITES: I think the general consensus was that my playlist of ’80’s hits was a good one. That I don’t listen to the lyrics surprised Twila, who said she collected music from the era based on the lyrics. To each his/her own.
  • A TO Z CHALLENGE SIGN-UPS START TODAY!!: Our annual abecedarian blogfest starts on April 1, of course, and sign-ups for this year started Monday. I’m glad to hear so many of you plan on doing the challenge. It’s the highlight of my blogging year, I know that.
  • PRESTIDIGITATION (#JUSJOJAN): Jennette said that she tried to do magic as a kid in the ’70’s, but never got good at it. For every kid that gets good at doing magic tricks, I swear that a hundred get frustrated and give up. Maybe even more than that. Arlee mentioned he used to read Mary Doyle’s (Marshall Brodien’s wife) blog, but hasn’t gotten any recent posts. Probably busy with her husband’s illness. Not the easiest thing to deal with…
  • WITH APOLOGIES TO DR. SEUSS… (#JUSJOJAN): Carol, who came up with “oneness,” wanted me to be sure and let you know that photographer Patrick Jennings was the one who supplied the prompt. Be sure and check his blog out. Linda and I got into a conversation about the works of Dr. Seuss, and how many kids who grew up reading his books can remember the rhymes. I played a trick on Mary where I picked up a copy of Green Eggs and Ham that was written in Hebrew and pretended I was reading it. (Come to think of it, ham isn’t Kosher…)
  • #TWOFORTUESDAY: JETHRO TULL: Arlee said he’s been to a couple of Tull concerts, and they were excellent. Sad they’re no longer active…
  • #1LINERWEDS FROM LAWRENCE BLOCK (#JUSJOJAN): I used a quote from Lawrence Block, novelist par excellence and author of Telling Lies For Fun And Profit, to fit the word of the day, “mendaciloquent,” and actually heard from him. He wants to be sure to let you know “Telling Lies, I’m happy to say, is readily available in print or ebook form, and any of y’all who’d like to receive my occasional newsletter need only send a blank email with Newsletter in the header to” It was a very pleasant surprise. Be sure and check out his books. And thanks to Dave Barclay for the reblog.
  • INTROIBO AD ALTARE DEI…: Damyanti thinks I should gather all my stories into a book and sell it, something that Mary has been after me to do for a while now. I might just have to do it now; my family seems amenable to the idea.
  • SERENDIPITY (#JUSJOJAN) – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!: Many thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes.
  • LETTERS FROM GHOSTS (#JUSJOJAN): Halfmoon Mollie, who wasn’t actually a member of Ghostletters, got to know it, and most of us, through LiveJournal, and took a moment to remember Anne Fraser and Lisa Schmidt, two of my favorite people, both of whom died way too soon. I think of them a lot, too. Anne, by the way, wrote a novel, Gideon Redoak, a paranormal romance, that was published posthumously; it’s available on Amazon. Several of you were sorry that the listserv (mailing list) was closed, because it sounded like a fun idea. And it was. Sometimes I toy with the idea of reviving the characters I created for that list and taking them out for another spin. You never know.
  • THE FRIDAY FIVE: 5 BY THE SERENDIPITY SINGERS: Big news there was that Bee nominated me for a Liebster award. Thanks, Bee! Arlee said he liked “Don’t Let The Rain Come Down” when he was younger, and that it was one of the first singles he bought, except it was by a sound-alike band, because the sound-alike record was cheaper than the original, great for the budget-conscious junior high schooler. Remember those days?
  • ANALOG AND DIGITAL (#SOCS, #JUSJOJAN): My original idea was to talk about the technical difference between analog and didgital. You lucked out this time. Haven’t had a chance to look at the comments; I was going to last night, then got involved in a The Donna Reed Show marathon on Decades. Sorry ’bout that…

So, that’s what happened last week. Thanks to everyone who commented, and I’m sorry if I got behind on replying. Coming up this week…

  • A Battle of the Bands with a Dave Brubeck classic.
  • A Question of the Month that ties in with a blogfest by Arlee.
  • Another progressive rock band on Two for Tuesday.
  • I’ll even try to do something fo the Writer’s Workshop.

Join us then!

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  1. You know, sometimes I watch old commercial videos on YouTube. Fun. :)

    1. I watch them and realize I saw them when they were new....