Friday, January 15, 2016


Or, if you prefer, “Ragg Mopp.”



“Rag Mop” was a song written by Deacon Anderson and Johnny Lee Wills, the younger brother of Western Swing legend Bob Wills, in 1949. Here’s Johnny Lee’s version; whoever made the video plays it twice, with the first version ending at about 3:00, so you can stop listening then.

The Ames Brothers had a hit with it, as did Doc Sausage and His Mad Lads and Ralph Flanagan. More recently, it was used in a “Beany and Cecil” cartoon (which I can’t seem to find), and it was also used in a “Muppet Show,” where it was sung by a group of rag mops.

Then there are the two versions I decided to put in this battle. Both of these feature some rather fascinating video work that I hope you’ll enjoy, but try not to let it influence your vote.

CONTESTANT #1: Lionel Hampton

The comments on this animation indicate that a “mopp” was hipster slang (1950’s vintage) for a girl, so a “ragg mopp” was a “loose woman.” In case you were wondering what the video was all about. But no matter. Hampton was a master of the vibraphone, as he proved with the Benny Goodman Quartet years before, and put together a swingin’ orchestra for this one.

CONTESTANT #2: The Treniers

Milt Trenier had a nightclub in Chicago, which is how I heard the name. The Treniers were an R&B and “jump blues” band started by Milt’s twin brothers Cliff and Claude. They were originally billed as The Trenier Twins, but they kept adding members. Sounds like the first couple of seconds are chopped off the start of this.

Now, time for a vote…

Which of these two versions of “Rag Mop” did you like better? The big-band sound of Lionel Hampton, or the jump blues of The Treniers? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll announce the winners next Thursday, January 21.

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The lines are now open. Best of luck to Lionel Hampton and The Treniers!

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