Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday’s Music Moves Me: Happy New Year!


The theme this month is Christmas songs, but Christmas is over, and in a couple of days 2015 will be over as well. Mary and I love this week for that very reason. After a month of Christmas hoopla, the stores have stopped playing Christmas music, Starbucks has stopped using the red cups that had a few fundamentalists all up-in-arms, and we don’t have to hear about the “war on Christmas” for at least another ten months. We can focus on running out the clock on this year and getting a running start into the new year a week from today. (Friday is a holiday and then there’s the weekend. So the work year starts January 4.)

Anyway, I’ve assembled a playlist of six New Year’s songs. It had been five, but I found another. There are all kinds of kids’ songs about New Year’s, but I figured one was more than enough. (Have you ever noticed how melancholy New Year’s songs are? Or maybe it’s New Year’s Eve that’s the bummer. Whatever. We can talk about all that depressing stuff later this week, and we probably will.) Anyway, here’s the playlist. Enjoy!

  1. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve – Ella Fitzgerald: Let’s start with one by the great jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald. You might notice one of the images in the video is of Ella and Marilyn Monroe. They were great friends, and Marilyn, a pretty good singer herself, helped Ella get jobs in nightclubs closed to Black performers, much the same as Frank Sinatra helping Sammy Davis Jr. get work in Las Vegas.
  2. It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve – Barry Manilow: It’s hard not to like Barry Manilow. He got his start as Bette Midler’s musical director after working with her in the gay bath-houses. He had tons of hits in the 1970’s, and got a lot of airplay on the “lite rock” stations. Okay, his songs are schmaltzy and at times maudlin, but he loves his fans and they love him back, and he’s a real trouper.
  3. New Year’s Day – Pentatonix: I have Helen Espinosa to thank for featuring this on her blog yesterday. She loves Pentatonix, five talented young people who sing tremendous harmony. The song’s lyrics are in the video, but Helen, who used a different video, linked to the lyrics on AZ Lyrics, if you’re interested.
  4. Happy New Year – ABBA: The New Year’s Eve party’s over in this song, but there’s some beautiful sentiments here, particularly in the chorus, “May we all have a vision now and then / Of a world where every neighbor is a friend.” Again, the lyrics are in the video, but you might like to read them here.
  5. Happy New Year Song (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na) – Joyce Paultre: I found this video on the page with the song above, and after giving it a listen decided I had to include it, after all the downers in this list. Joyce said in the comments that you can download the song from the Songs for Teaching website.
  6. Auld Lang Syne – Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians: The classic New Year’s song. You’re bound to hear Guy’s version while you’re flipping around at midnight. Lyrics, of course, are by the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns. If you’ve a mind to, sing the original version; people will look at you funny…

Well, that’s it for this edition of Monday’s Music Moves Me. See you again on the first work day of the new year.

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