Thursday, November 12, 2015

TV Themes, Part 5 (5.5?) – Themes by Mike Post


You might remember that, a couple of weeks ago, I posted a Friday Five of TV theme songs, and since there weren’t ten of them I decided that, rather than say it was Part 5, I decided it would be Part 4.5. So here I come with another list of ten themes… what do I call it? Part 5, or Part 5.5? Anyway…

I started putting today’s list together, and realized I had chosen a lot of theme songs by Mike Post. Sometimes he collaborated with someone, usually Pete Carpenter, but most of them he wrote on his own. So, this list is all about theme songs by him. I thought you might be interested in the people who developed the series (because often he worked with the same people) and when the series aired, so I included a table with all that information.

# Show Developed By Sns. Series Begin Series End
1 The Rockford Files 1 Roy Huggins

Stephen J. Cannell

6 1974 1980
2 Magnum, P. I. 1 Donald P. Bellisario

Glen A. Larson

8 1980 1988
3 The A-Team 1 Stephen J. Cannell

Frank Lupo

5 1983 1987
4 The Greatest American Hero 2 Stephen J. Cannell 3 1981
5 Quantum Leap Donald P. Bellisario 5 1989 1993
6 Law & Order Dick Wolf 20 1990 2010
7 L. A. Law Steven Bochco

Terry Louise Fisher

8 1986 1994
8 Doogie Howser, M. D. Steven Bochco

David E. Kelley

4 1989 1993
9 Wiseguy Steven Bochco

Frank Lupo

4 1987 1990
10 Hunter 1 Frank Lupo 7 1984 1991

1: written with Pete Carpenter
2: written with Stephen Geyer

Post wrote many more theme songs; his IMDb page has all the details.

That’s your Thursday Ten for November 12, 2015.

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