Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stuff and Junk #socs

I typed “stuff” into my keyword box, and it suggested “new stuff,” “random stuff,” and “strange stuff.” I guess I use the word “stuff” a lot. I also use some synonyms, like “junk,” “crap,” and of course, “sh*t.” I think I use “stuff” when I want to use the last of these, to be polite.

I had a work friend who sent me an email when she left the company, and the subject was “stuff and junk.” Obviously she figured out that I use those two words a lot.

A couple of years before she died, Mom was starting to divest herself of all her stuff. I’d travel to Chicago on one of my trips in for business, and she would send me home with stuff. “When you get tired of it, just pass it on to someone else. It’s just stuff.” After she died, we cleaned out her house to sell it, and it was loaded with stuff. She was a real packrat. Really, stuff from several generations: her stuff, our stuff, her parents’ stuff, her grandparents’ stuff, Grandma Holton’s stuff… For someone who had the attitude that “it’s just stuff,” she sure amassed plenty of it.

And I’m just as bad. My office is packed with stuff. And I don’t want to get rid of it. Don’t ask me why. Really, old pads of paper and notebooks. A whole bunch of CD’s, even though I’ve moved all my music to the cloud and no longer need the physical disk. Computer hardware that’s either burned out or that I no longer need. Paper copies of things I’ve moved into Evernote because I don’t want the paper sitting around, but it still is.

Part of me wants to just get rid of it, another says, no, keep that, you never know when you’ll need it… but I don’t.

Here’s a song about stuff. Actually junk. From Paul McCartney’ first album…


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