Sunday, November 15, 2015

Indescribable #socs

When I saw today’s prompt, I thought, “what was the candy bar that called itself ‘Indescribably Delicious’?” I had to look it up. They were the candy bars developed by Peter Paul: Mounds, Almond Joy, and Almond Cluster. Clearly, the same thought crossed Joanna’s mind, because her SoCS post today includes a classic commercial for Almond Joy and Almond Cluster. To complete your Saturday commercial viewing, here’s one for Mounds.

I love how the old commercials weren’t shy about showing you what went into their candy bars. “It’s a lump of coconut covered with dark chocolate.” Mom used to love the Forever Yours candy bar from Mars because it was a dark chocolate Milky Way. Now I guess they call it the Dark Chocolate Milky Way. No imagination…

I love these old commercials and old TV shows, because they take me back to a happier, more peaceful time. A more innocent time. A time when people weren’t committing acts of terror.


I don’t want to talk about what happened in Paris, or hear about it. I know, I’m an adult and I need to know about these things. And certainly, the people of Paris are in my heart and in my thoughts and prayers. But, now that we have 24-hour news channels and the Internet, you get to watch it, hear about it, discuss it, fight over it, and in general let it take over your life. None of us needs that right now. Yes, it happened, and it was horrifying, but obsessing over it, and losing sleep over it, and getting caught up in the emotions and anger of it hurts us more than it hurts the people who did this, and does nothing to help the people who are left with the aftermath of this tragedy. Pray, or do whatever you do in this situation, for the people of Paris. Do what you can do for them; I’m certain there will be calls for donations at some point.

It may seem odd, playing a happy little tune at a time like this, but I see it as a tribute to the indomitable spirit and inner toughness of the residents of the City of Lights. From 1956, Les Baxter and his Orchestra, “The Poor People of Paris.”


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