Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#1LinerWeds: Say the secret woid…

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A recent article in the Washington Post talks about the research of two men, Marjan Ghazvininejad and Kevin Knight at the University of Southern California, who think they’ve found the solution to the tricky problem of creating passwords: randomly-generated poems.
The inspiration for Ghazvininejad and Knight’s study was actually a cartoon, created by Randall Munroe of Xkcd, which showed how a password made up of four random words – like “correct horse battery staple” – is far more secure and a lot easier for people to remember than the typical jumble of random letters, numbers and symbols that most people think of as a secure password.
There is a website that will generate sample two-line poems for you. They caution that the poems might not be that secure, as a hacker could conceivably download all the poems and try them, but they show what can be done.
Anyway, it’s an interesting idea, although many websites’ password rules might make them impractical.

Linda Hill runs One-Liner Wednesday, not to be confused with the One-Line Wednesday someone else is running on Twitter. She has the rules and a list of the participants at her blog.

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