Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Thursday Ten: TV Themes, Part 4

On Monday, WordPress informed me that I had posted for 385 days in a row. I’m sure they could have waited until I had posted 400 days in a row, but the recognition is nice. Anyway…


Time for another installment of themes from television shows. This is the fourth installment; here are links to the other three.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I Dream Of Jeannie – Hugo Montenegro and Buddy Kaye

Mannix – Lalo SchifrinMaybe my favorite, I can’t imagine why I haven’t done this yet…

Dragnet – Walter SchumannA 1953 recording by Ray Anthony and His Orchestra

77 Sunset Strip – Max Steiner and Jack HalloranThe opening from all three seasons, plus the full theme song

Surfside 6 – Jerry Livingston and Mack DavidMack David is the brother of Hal David

Route 66 – Nelson RiddleThe original song was written by Bobby Troup, who was married to Julie London; CBS commissioned Riddle to write a different theme for the TV show. It has a few elements of the original song…

The Saint – Edwin Astley and Leslie CharterisAstley composed the theme from the black & white series

Checkmate – Johnny WilliamsWilliams has done some other theme songs as John Williams…

The Prisoner – Ron GrainerGrainer also wrote the theme music for Doctor Who. But then, you knew that… This is the music over the opening credits; the music for the ending credits is here.

And there’s your Thursday Ten for July 23, 2015.

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  1. 385 days in a row! That's amazing. You must be really fired up writing. I can't be that consistent.

    1. It was a challenge I set for myself, and now I just do it every day. I love blogging.

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