Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Trip To The Dentist #1lineWed


I think I mentioned I need crowns on two of my teeth, the back molars on both sides of my mouth on the bottom (in dentist lingo, 18 and 31). Since my new dentist didn’t want to deaden both sides of my mouth all on the same day, she had me schedule the appointments a week apart. Last week, they prepped the right side of my mouth; Monday, they prepped the left side. I already had a crown on that tooth, so this week’s visit took twice as long to complete.

So they deaden my mouth (and half my throat, making me think I’m choking to death), and the dentist goes crawling around in my mouth, drilling and yanking, and finally gets the old crown off, and discovers a lot of decay (as well as the remnants of not one, but two fillings that had already been done on that tooth). She fills the tooth and does all the grinding and shaping, then leaves me in the hands of D, the dental assistant, who will build the temporary crown.

I don’t know if it was because they put (yet another) filling on the tooth or it’s just standard operating procedure and I just didn’t remember when the dentist had done this last week, but D said “I gotta wrap this string around your tooth, okay?” What am I going to say, no? Like I know what she’s going to do…

So, she spends a lot of time wrapping the string around the tooth (actually the post), which I knew she would do, then spends what felt like an eternity poking the string under my gum with a dental instrument. By now, the novocain had all but worn off, and all the poking and prodding was starting to hurt. Finally, she said, “I’ll be back, okay?” and leaves the room, returning several minutes later with M, the other dental assistant who had assisted the week before. M managed to get the string where it needed to be, and left the room to fetch the dentist.

The dentist came in (several minutes later), looked at the work the two assistants have done, and said “Looks great!” She then took a pair of tweezers, reached into my mouth, and removed the string.

Which led to this week’s one-liner.

The dentist and the two assistants just laughed. Honestly, I think they do this stuff just to see how much they can get away with…

This is my entry into this week’s One-Liner Wednesday, hosted by Linda Hill. Hope you enjoyed it.

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