Friday, July 17, 2015

I Survived The Dentist


The preparations for Crown #1 are now complete, and I have a temporary crown on the tooth. And I survived.

No big deal, right? I mean, most of my molars are now crowns, so I’ve been through this a dozen times before. The big difference this time was the dentist. After going to the same dentist for over 25 years, he’s retired, and Mary and I chose a dentist that was recommended by one of Mary’s friends. Seems like a nice woman, did a good job (I assume; I’m not in pain and the temporary almost feels like one of my own teeth), and managed to preserve the tooth so she wouldn’t have to do a root canal on it (apparently, it cracked as she was grinding it down, but thinks putting the crown on it will preserve it).

It just felt strange, letting someone else crawl around in my mouth and fix my teeth. I mean, you have that kind of professional relationship with a doctor or dentist, pretty soon you establish a comfort level. Plus, my old dentist was from Chicago, he graduated from the Loyola University Dental School (which no longer exists), we went to the same church for a while (we now go to the same church as his long-time receptionist). We had a lot in common.

On the other hand, he never told us he was retiring. He and another dentist merged their practices, but we were told he’d still be there, that he planned on continuing to see patients. Things were status quo for about a year; then, one day we called to set up an appointment, and found out he was gone. No letter, phone call, nothing.


We decided to find another dentist because the old one wouldn’t accept our insurance. I’m happy with our choice: the office is close by (and has wi-fi!), the equipment is generally up-to-date, the office staff is pleasant, as are the dental assistants and hygienists, and the dentist came highly recommended.

But, it’s like breaking in a new pair of shoes, for lack of a better way to put it. It’s going to take time to achieve the same comfort level with the new dentist. I have no doubt that I will.

Just kind of strange for now, that’s all.

Have you had the same feeling when you’ve made changes like this?

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