Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hurry Up And Wait


I left my laptop plugged in and turned on last night in anticipation of receiving the Windows 10 installer file, scheduled to make its appearance somewhere on my hard drive today. I guess the response to this release has created a considerable backlog, and they’ll now be sending it sometime between now and whenever.

It’s fine by me, because, as it turns out, I’m not quite ready. I went to make an image file of my Windows 7 system, like they suggested, and it turns out the only option I have there is to write it out to DVD. I had thought, make the image copy on the hard drive, then FTP it onto the backup drive I have on the Mac, which is 3 terabytes, segmented into 3 1 TB partitions. So I have the disk space to do it, both on the laptop and the backup drive; I just have no way to get it there. I’ve already thought of unplugging the unit from the Mac and connecting it to the laptop, but that presents a whole raft of logistical problems.

Then, I thought I could define the partition on the external drive as a network drive on the laptop. Easy-peasy, right? I just tell Windows that the F: drive (or whatever letter I choose) is the partition on the external drive on the Mac. So I start the backup, only to learn that I can’t do that with my version (Home Premium) of Windows 7.

So, I ordered a 128 GB flash drive from Amazon, which should be here next week. I didn’t realize they’re making flash drives that big. I had a 1 GB flash drive I bought not long before the stroke, and that was the biggest they had then. That was eight years ago, so I guess they’ve had time to figure out how to get around that limit.

It’s no big deal at this point; Sony is writing brand spankin’ new drivers for Windows 10, and I suppose I should wait for them to come out. As I mentioned the other day, it’s as though they were caught sitting in their underwear reading the newspaper when they realized Windows 10 was coming out and a few of their customers might just want to install it. So I could wait until they get their act together, or I could wait until I get the flash drive so, if the upgrade to 10 ends up a total disaster, I can recover back to 7 and continue to wait.

Anyway, if you thought I would have a report on how the upgrade went, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait.

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