Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “One-Note Samba” Results


At least it wasn’t a shutout…

Frank Sinatra: 4
Eydie Gorme: 15

The result surprised me; I thought Frank would get more than four votes. After all, he was joined by none other than Antonio Carlos Jobim, the composer of the song and arguably the best-known and most popular composer of bossa nova, and he’s the standard by which we judge other singers. But you liked Eydie Gorme’s version better. Several of you said it moved quicker and smoother than Frank’s. At least one of you admitted to not liking Ol’ Blue Eyes, but I don’t think that was the whole reason Frank didn’t get her vote. Maybe Arlee had it right when he said, as fine a singer as Frank was, his bossa nova period was not his best. I agree; there’s a feel to bossa nova that didn’t come through on his version of the song. I’ll have to listen to the album he did with Jobim again and see if that was the case with the rest of the songs.

In any event, Eydie did a fantastic job with her version, and it’s a win well-deserved. Both singers will be back in another battle soon, though maybe not against each other.

Our next Battle of the Bands comes your way next Friday, August 1. If I can find enough versions, it may feature a song made popular by Eydie’s husband, Steve Lawrence. Join us then!

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