Friday, June 12, 2015

My Inner Teacher

John Holton:

As I told Eric, a/k/a Stomperdad, in my comment, teachers are spending more time training students how to take standardized tests and less time helping them gain the knowledge they need to function in the world. He’s a teacher and father of two boys, Crash and Bang (which fit my theme for tomorrow), and his blog is definitely worth reading. Be sure to comment on his blog.

Originally posted on All In A Dad's Work:

testMy inner teacher needs to vent today.

About Standardized testing.

It’s that time of year when schools across the globe are testing their students and by default, their teachers. The tests are high stakes. These tests are meant to determine where instruction needs to improve. These tests are stressful, expensive, and arguably arbitrary.

Also, because the tests often occur about a month before school officially ends for the ultimate teacher perk, summer break, most students believe that once testing is complete so is school. Tests are over, hence there must be nothing more to learn. Assignments become a chore. One grade 8 student even asked me, “We already took our test. Why do we still have to do work?” There were so many responses I wanted to give him, but I bit my tongue and just told him because the school year’s not over yet and this is what his…

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