Monday, June 8, 2015

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Anyone Who Had A Heart” Results


You ever have one of those days whre you said, “I think I’m supposed to do something, but I don’t know what it is”? Yeah, that was me about this. I thought I had done it yesterday and that it’d post today, but on further review, I hadn’t.

Life’s like that sometimes, no?

Anyway, the results are in from last Monday’s Battle of the Bands, which pitted Luther Vandross against Linda Ronstadt in their interpretation of the beautiful Bacharach/David song, “Anyone Who Had A Heart.” When the first three votes all went to Luther, I thought, here it comes, a shutout. But Linda’s popularity increased steadily, making this a closer match than I thought it would be. In the end, Luther won by those three votes.

Luther Vandross: 11
Linda Ronstadt: 8

In addition to the votes cast on the WordPress (main) site, there was one cast on the Blogger side, and one cast by Twitter. An interesting development.

Which one would I have chosen? They’re both beautiful interpretations of the song, but then, I’m not sure there’s a bad one. Arlee’s comment where he selected Luther was perfect: “Luther takes the song to an ultimate level of coolness injecting all the bittersweet melancholy that I think the song calls for.” Luther has been gone almost ten years, and he’s still on heavy rotation at most “smooth jazz” stations. As well he should be; his style and his voice are what smooth jazz is all about. On the other hand, Linda’s interpretation of the song left me breathless at the end. There was something exhiliarating about it, especially at the end. Of course, Linda’s had that effect on me since this appearance in Rolling Stone almost 40 years ago (well before I met the true love of my life). Still, she really put a lot into her performance. It’s a good way to remember her now that she’s retired. In other words, I’d have to call this one a draw.

So, next week, there’ll be another Battle of the Bands, and I promise to make it another tough one. See you next time!

ETA: We had a late vote come in for Luther, so the final score was Luther Vandross 12, Linda Ronstadt 8.

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