Monday, May 11, 2015

I Really Wonder…

Last August, Mary and I “cut the cord” and got rid of cable TV and phone service, keeping Internet service because we actually use it. I was actually surprised that I miss very little about cable; if anyone is thinking about doing it, I can recommend it highly. You’re definitely saving money, even if you don’t take advantage of the bundles they offer.

It’s generally been a smooth transition, because 95% of what we were watching on cable was network TV, and we could get that over-the-air. We’re able to get most channels (the two PBS stations remain elusive), including the subchannels. One of the subchannels is MeTV, Memorable Entertainment TV, and we generally spend the evening switching back and forth between CBS, the Justice Network, and MeTV. Saturday nights are “Super Sci-Fi Saturday” on MeTV, starting at 6 PM. We watch the superhero shows, namely The Adventures of Superman, Batman, and The (New) Adventures of Wonder Woman.

None of these shows are new to either of us: we grew up watching Superman and Batman, and while we didn’t generally watch Wonder Woman, we had seen a couple of episodes between us, and knew what it was about. Still, it’s been a treat seeing the shows again.

We’ve had an ongoing discussion the last few months about the shows, though:

How is it that the secret identities of these characters remain a mystery to the companions?

Seriously, how is it that Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane have never figured out that Superman is Clark Kent? Something happens, they tell Clark, he sends them off on a wild goose chase, then runs to the storeroom, takes off his glasses and Clark Kent clothes, and jumps out the window as Superman. Then, when Superman saves the day and the bad guys are off to jail, Clark Kent appears out of nowhere and asks if he’s missed anything. And somehow, they never think, “hey, Clark sounds a lot like Superman,” or, “stick glasses on Superman, he’d look like Clark Kent.”

Same thing with Batman and Robin. No one in that show, not the villains, not Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara, not even Aunt Harriet can figure out that Bruce and Dick are Batman and Robin. Bruce and foster son Dick are loaded and are always going to charity events, where Bruce speaks and is seen on television, and no one says, “you know, that Bruce Wayne guy sounds a lot like Batman.” It really got weird when Barbara Gordon, the commissioner’s daughter, a/k/a Batgirl, joined the cast. A father’s not going to know his own daughter? Even with the costume and the red wig, I would think he would know who she was. And Bruce and Dick see Barbara all the time, and Batman and Robin know Batgirl, and none of them can figure out the connection?

While I’m on the subject, have you ever noticed that the main villains on Batman wear masks when wreaking havoc on Gotham City? Why? I mean, a guy running around in a green leotard with question marks on it is either the Riddler or Matthew Lesko.

And Wonder Woman. Major Steve Trevor brings YE1 Diana Prince to investigate something, suddenly she disappears and “Oh, hey, Wonder Woman, where did YOU come from?” He can’t look at Diana and tell she’s Wonder Woman? Is he that easily fooled by a pair of glasses and hair pulled up into a bun? He’s never noticed that Diana and Wonder Woman sound alike and have the same blue eyes?

I don’t buy it. No one is that dumb. And you could say that for all of them.

So, what do you think? How is it these superheroes never get figured out?

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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