Tuesday, April 28, 2015

XBOX (#atozchallenge)

Everything I know about gaming systems I learned on The Big Bang Theory, especially the episode in which Sheldon drove everyone (mostly himself) crazy over whether to get an XBOX One or an XBOX 360. All I know is, by the time he had more or less made up his mind, the store was closed and Amy had to walk him out as he was babbling incoherently about the advantages of one system versus the other.


The professors on that show seem to spend a lot of time playing on one gaming system or another, so it’s hard not to learn about them by osmosis. I know that the XBOX is Microsoft’s entry into the gaming system war, if that’s what you call it, and its competitors are Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s Playstation. There are probably others, but those are the three that appear to be the big players.

For the same reason I type with one hand, I would find any video game system frustrating, since the controllers for them require two hands. Besides, video games are really not my thing; my preferences are for quieter games, like solitaire and working sudoku and crossword puzzles. Occasionally I’ll find an interesting game, such as 2048 or Two Dots, but those don’t involve things scampering around the screen and explosions and the like. Guess that makes me an old fart, but there you go.

So, how about it? Are any of you video game system fans, and if so, which is your favorite?

from The Sound of One Hand Typing

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