Saturday, April 18, 2015

Peep (#atozchallenge)


Marshmallow Peeps (Photobucket/zuzumcgee)

I can’t remember which Easter it was, but it might have been 1968 or 1969, that I demonstrated a useless talent.

Picture this: the Holton boys are sitting in the living room on Easter morning. It’s maybe 9 AM. We’ve sought out and found our Easter baskets, and are going through the candy buried in the fake grass lining the bottom of them. One of my brothers (I can’t remember if it was Jim or Kip) found several Marshmallow Peeps in his basket, ate one, and decided he didn’t like them. “Toss it over here, then,” I said. So, he sent the Peep flying over to me, sitting on the couch. The throw went a little high, but I managed to catch the flying confection and, in the same motion, stuff it in my mouth.

By the time our mother got up that morning, I had eaten all of the Peeps in the house, all of which were tossed at me by my brothers, and didn’t feel sick.

We don’t get together for Easter that much anymore, but you can bet that the day wouldn’t be complete without one of them tossing a marshmallow Peep at me, and me catching it and stuffing it completely in my mouth in one motion.

I was going to list ten interesting things about Peeps, but it seems there have already been a plethora of people who already have been. In fact, there is at least one Pinterest board dedicated to things you can do with Peeps. Google “ten things about peeps” and you find a lot of articles about these little creatures.

There is one thing I’d like to share, though: the Crazy Russian Hacker shows you what happens whn you put Peeps in the microwave.

They now make Peeps for other holidays as well, including Valentine’s Day, St. Parick’s Day, and Hallowe’en. Try ’em, you’ll like them!

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