Thursday, April 9, 2015

Heath (atozchallenge)

You know what I never see in stores around here? Heath bars.


Maybe it’s not fashionable. I see lots of candy at the checkout counter at the grocery store, and you can always get a Snickers, a Milky Way, a Twix, a bag of Skittles, Twizzlers, Hershey bars, or Butterfinger, but I never see the Heath bar. Not even with all the candy in the candy aisle at Walgreens, Target, or anyplace else.

Maybe it’s an acquired taste. The wrapper tels it all: it’s English toffee covered by milk chocolate. It’s not soft and chewy, it’s hard and crunchy, but man, is it tasty. It was created by L. S. Heath, a schoolteacher who bought a candy store in Robinson, Illinois (in the southeast part of the state) for his sons, Bayard and Everett. When it opened, it was a combination candy store, ice cream parlor, and candy factory. This got the father interested in making ice cream, and soon he acquired an English toffee recipe from another candy manufacturer. He covered the bar with chocolate, and voila! The Heath bar was created.

Heath is currently manufactured by Hershey’s, who had come up with their own competing brand, the Skor bar, which they still sell. Hershey’s has discovered that people love the taste of the Heath bar, particularly when it’s sold as an ice cream topping, blended into ice cream, or is baked into cheesecakes and other baked goods. I get my Heath fix thanks to the Heath-flavored Klondike bars. They are, as I like to say, a mite tasty.

There are lots of candy bars that are no longer sold in stores, but that you can get online from sites such as They have an incredible selection of candy from the 1920’s through today. While the general public’s taste in candy has changed (for example, you no longer see candy cigarettes or bubble gum cigars), some people still love the candy they grew up with. Of course, now there are concerns about kids getting fat and developing diabetes, which are genuine concerns. I mean, the Heath bar contains 210 calories, 110 of which come from fat, and they’re loaded with sugar and other things that are not especially good for just about everyone. But, as I said the other day, the heyday of the candy bar and other confections was in the days when kids were out playing every day, were walking to school, and weren’t sitting like lumps in front of the TV. (Yeah, like I’m one to talk…)

from The Sound of One Hand Typing


  1. Honestly I haven't tried this one yet. But I think I'm gonna love it. Well, anything chocolatey is alright with me.

    1. They are very tasty, especially if you like English toffee.

  2. I haven't had a Heath bar in years, but love the taste of them!


    1. I think it's more a Northern thing than a Southern one. You find them crushed and mixed in with ice cream more now.