Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Here Comes The Night”


I think just about everyone is busy doing the A to Z Challenge, but it is the 15th, and the 15th is always a Battle of the Bands day. Far be it from me to miss something so important.

Today’s song is “Here Comes The Night,” Them’s third single in the US and the UK, It peaked at #2 in the UK and #24 in the US, where it spent ten weeks on the Hot 100. Jimmy Page plays guitar on this version, which was released in March 1965. This is not part of the challenge, but provided for those who’ve never heard the song.

It’s been covered a number of times before. Here are your choices for this round.

Contestant #1: Lulu

Lulu’s single with her version of the song preceded Them’s by about five months; Decca Records decided to rush-release it, a decision that didn’t sit well with the members of Them. Much to their delight, Lulu’s version only reached #50.

Contestant #2: Streetheart

The Canadian band Streetheart recorded their version for their second album, Under Heaven Over Hell. Their version charted at #60 in Canada.

Time to vote…

Which cover of “Here Comes The Night” do you think is better, Lulu’s or Streetheart’s? Give me your thoughts in the comment section. Then, one or more of the blogs below have battles today; how about giving them a visit?

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And… I apologize for not getting to visit all of you last round. Coming as it did on the first day of the A to Z Challenge, I found myself busier than a one-armed paper hanger (which is closer to reality than you can imagine in my case) and let it slide. So, I’d like to ask you a favor: when you leave a comment on today’s battle, would you leave me a link to yours? I’m trying to do that, since I post every day and, after a few days, battles get shoved down the page. It would really help me get to you and vote in your battle. I appreciate it!

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