Wednesday, April 22, 2015

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Here Comes The Night” Result


I think this might have been the most lopsided victory for a song I’ve had since I started doing Battle of the Bands here. Remember, we were comparing Lulu’s and Streetheart’s version of Them’s “Here Comes The Night.” The final tally:

Streetheart: 9
Lulu: 2

A few people said they didn’t like the song, regardless of who did it. I can see that. A couple also mentioned that their favorite version was Van Morrison’s version without Them. I can see that, too. I’m not a great fan of the song, either, which might have been why I chose it.

Anyway, that’s the final score. Congratulations to Streetheart.

The next Battle of the Bands is next Friday, May 1, also the day after the 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge ends. Meaning I ought to start putting together blog entries for next month… it’s been nice having all of the entries done and queued up to be released. I’ll have to plan my activities accordingly. See you Friday!

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