Monday, February 9, 2015

Technical Difficulties Are Such Fun…


After all the fanfare and whoop-de-do I put up about being able to simulcast this blog on Blogger, I was shocked to discover that I was posting blank entries to the Blogger blog. I’m glad no one looked over there before I had the opportunity to copy and paste the post from WordPress to Blogger, a process that really chapped my hide.

Today, I set up a couple of test blogs and a test IFTTT account, and watched what happened. Text-only blog posts transferred just fine, as well as posts that had pictures and videos embedded into them. But, when I attached a caption to a picture, that’s when it created problems and blank posts.

I looked at the blank posts and discovered that IFTTT, for some reason, is requiring posts being passed from WordPress to Blogger to be in XHTML format. Captions on pictures, at least the way WordPress does them, are a feature of HTML 5. Both WordPress and Blogger support HTML 5, but because IFTTT tells Blogger that XHTML is coming, when it sees a command XHTML doesn’t understand, it throws everything out, because that’s just what XHTML does. HTML 5 handles XHTML fine, but the converse isn’t true.

This post will hit the Blogger side without any difficulty, and now I have to figure out a workaround for captions. Who says technical work is no fun?

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