Sunday, February 22, 2015

#ROW80: Did lots, just not what I planned on…

Click to visit the challenge!

Click to visit the challenge!

I’ve been preoccupied with the whole simulcasting thing, and didn’t get much done on the goals. The summary:

  • Read three books: Didn’t do a whole lot of reading this week. A few pages of the biography of Abraham Lincoln I started. I might skip ahead and see if it gets more interesting; fifty pages into it, and Honest Abe is still in his early teens. Not that there haven’t been interesting facts, but the author is dwelling on them.

  • Finish and schedule entries for the A to Z Challenge: Getting bogged down in detail myself. For example, my word for the letter A is a’a, one of several Hawai’ian words for lava. I think I understand the difference between it and pahoehoe, but I’m not quite sure. I’m meeting with a friend of mine that grew up in Hawai’i in a little while and hope he can straighten me out. It’s been that way through the whole alphabet. And it’s driving me nuts!!!!

Simulcasting my WordPress blog onto my Blogger blog is becoming my white whale. I may have to cut IFTTT completely out of the equation and double-post. That has its own problems, as both platforms use multiple stylesheets to make things look good, and they don’t use the same class names. Additionally, WordPress has the annoying habit of using placeholders to denote certain functions, like printing captions under graphics and …

(sensing people nodding their heads and smiling while looking for an out to escape these crazy rants) And you could care less…

See? I’m obsessed with it.

Beard’s coming in nicely, though, and it’s behaving itself this time. It’s not quite as curly as it was the last time.

Happy birthday to Kait Nolan, who shares a birthday with the Father Of Our Country, George Washington. I wonder, does that make George’s brother Lawrence the Uncle Of Our Country?


George in Freemason drag (Source:

I’m doing the guest post on the ROW80 blog tomorrow. Watch for it!

Straight ahead…

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