Sunday, February 8, 2015

#ROW80: A Busy Week, But Goals…?

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I’ve had a couple of busy days here. Nothing to do with my goals (which I’m having second thoughts about–more on this shortly), but doing stuff around here that make navigation easier, and a project I undertook just to see if it could be done (and yes, it could, and was). I’ll talk about those things in a couple of minutes, but on to the goals.

  • Read three books preferably fiction: I've decided that I'm going to count any book that I read toward this goal. I'm not all that into fiction these days. It might just be the novels I've collected to read, or maybe my tastes are changing. We'll see.
  • Write entries for the A to Z Challenge: I've outlined a few, and made some final decisions about others. I'm having fun with it, and that's the whole point.

I got it in my mind on Thursday that I wanted to simulcast this blog over on Blogger. I now have an IFTTT recipe that takes the content from this blog and posts it on my “FM” blog over there. It works pretty well, although there are some significant differences in the two platforms, and I’m having to go to more standard HTML coding to get the posts to look more or less the same. I’m still fighting with it a little, but I’ve got a couple of posts over there. Check it out!

 photo AMFM_zpsa4e65eb2.jpg
The announcement I put together for it.

I also used the tag-to-category function in Wordpress and converted several tags (including the ROW80 one) to categories. This will make it easier to find specific types of content.

Things are coming together for April and the A to Z Challenge. I now have staff.

I’ll be around to see how you’re doing. Straight ahead.

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