Thursday, February 19, 2015

James Altucher’s 10 Ways Reading Makes Your Life Better


It’s been one of those days. I went to bed way too late and got about five hours of sleep, I’ve spent most of the day spinning my wheels with a problem that I’m still having with the whole simulcasting experience, I tried using a different service to do the simulcasting. only to learn they talk to WordPress but not to Blogger (“Gee, we were thinking about it, but haven’t got around to it,” while advertising on their page that they do), it’s been the coldest it’s been since I moved here, etc. etc. Needless to say, when it came to coming up with a Thursday Ten, I drew an absolute blank.

So, instead of writing something myself, I’m going to yield the floor to James Altucher, hedge fund manager, author of several books (all available on Amazon), and host of the blog Altucher Confidential. I’ve been reading his blog for several years now, follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to his email list. He doesn’t talk about money or investing on his blog; rather, he talks about his philosophy of life and how he thinks. The other day, he posted an article to his email list called 10 Reasons Reading Makes Your Life Better. I think it’s an interesting look on something we should all be doing as writers, anyway.

Read the article and ask yourself whether there’s anything he forgot when he made up his list. I’d love to hear what you think.

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