Friday, February 13, 2015

I Thought It Was Just Me…

I change browsers about every three to six months, whether I need to or not. This time, though, was the last straw. I had switched to Google Chrome from Firefox about a month ago, and noticed it had this habit of taking over the CPU on both my Mac desktop and Windows laptop. The other day, I was trying to record a video to explain what I had done to have two blogs updating at roughly the same time, and about halfway through the recording the browser just stopped, I had the Spinning Beachball of Death, and nothing else was working. I checked my CPU usage and there must have been a dozen instances of Chrome running simultaneously and competing for system resources.

At that point, I said, “Forget it!”, revived my copy of Firefox, and sent Chrome to the bit bucket.

Evidently, I’m not alone. This morning, I was reading through Feedly and came across this article: F*** It, I’m Going Back to Firefox. The author, Eric Limer, complained of the same issues, and said he decided to make the switch when even Safari (the browser installed as part of Mac OS X) was running faster.

The comments from people who still appeared to like Chrome said the problem was the number of extensions he had installed, because each one of them opens a separate process. Thing was, the extensions are part of the reason I switched in the first place, and the extensions I had installed were ones that I used all the time (Feedly, Evernote, Pocket, etc.). I wasn’t about to uninstall them when they were the reason I made the switch to begin with.

Anyway, I’m back to Firefox, and have discovered that I can function just fine without the extensions. I mean really, the best they can do is tell you not to use the things you installed the browser for in the first place? Without the extensions, Chrome is Internet Explorer without the charm.

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